Here’s your mission this holiday season: Buy manga and anime!

December 10th, 2008 – 11:08 am

Times are tough, folks. With this economic slowdown, many industries are hurting bad. Anime/manga sales have already been declining both here and abroad. If our favorite entertainment segment is going to survive these tough times, we need to do one thing…

Buy stuff.

Don’t buy just for yourself, because ’tis the season for giving. If the industry is going to prosper ultimately they need to increase their customer base. So make it your mission this holiday season to give anime/manga ’til it hurts.

To be most effective, try to bait in non-otaku with titles that cater to the interests they already have. Buy Vampire Hunter D for your sister that loves vampire movies, or purchase a copy of the Eden: It’s an Endless World manga for the dad that loves sci-fi books. Got a socially inept, lonely brother going to college? Buy him some hentai (though chances are, he’s already a fan).

Manga, like all books, make especially good gifts. They’re portable, durable, relatively cheap, provide hours of entertainment, and they can be easily loaned or re-gifted. It’s the gift that keeps on giving! And maybe, just maybe, you might make some anime-manga converts. There’s a special place in Otaku heaven for people like that.

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